• South America

  • Colombia - Lex-Box

    Lex-Box in as automation web-app for legal documents, as an answer to traditional time consuming high-cost contract drafting. It is based on decision trees, allowing the user to obtain high quality documents with less risk for businesses. The tool allows the clients to customize each document according to their needs.

    "As lawyers we tend to believe technology is rocket science. Don't think that. Technology is not that hard to understand and it is important to associate with other people who have different expertise areas so we can work together and create new services and products."

  • Colombia - Autentic

    Autentic is a Colombian company that has been planning, designing and developing tech tools with a huge impact in legal operations of all fields for the past four years. Their software help companies and persons manage, order and validate the identity of a person´s digital signature, as a part of the digital transformation of society in Colombia.

    "Expand your skills."


    "Changing the mindset of people is a challenge, but is also an opportunity."


    "Technology is the Future. Legal Tech is the future. And it’s the present.”