• Estonia - Avokaado

    Avokaado is a contract automation and workflow management platform, empowering lawyers to create solutions for internal knowledge sharing and operational intelligence, client collaboration and content licensing, internal process optimization and risk management. Users can efficiently handle all the workflows related to documents like template management, document drafting, sharing, approvals and signing.

    "If you are studying law, take other classes as well,

    in marketing, business, even project management.

    Whatever you end up doing, it will be valuable for yourself.

    Keep your mind open."

  • Estonia - Taskeo

    Taskeo is a comprehensive cloud business management suite that assists lawyers in their daily operations. The platform consists of mutually connected products that include project management, CRM, appointment scheduling, email marketing, time tracking and billing. Thanks to Taskeo, lawyers can move their practice to the cloud and manage it entirely with one application.

    "Most legal firms have very similar needs as different companies. Of course the terminology is different but, at the basic level, needs are very similar. Process for sales, process for customers, running projects, appointments, CRM are things needed in every business"

  • Poland - Slotheye

    Created in a Legal Hackathon, Slotheye is a tool to evaluate IT projects in terms of compliance. It is a plug-in for popular agile project management tools, such as Jira. The solution, based on data from these programs and repositories, automatically analyses the project for compliance with IP, regulations, GDPR and NDA requirements. It also helps with source code management.


    Slotheye was finalist of the Global Legal Hackathon 2020. Watch their pitch here!

    "Lawyers need to understand that legal tech will help them, give them new possibilities and expand their performance"