• Uganda - JusticeBot

    JusticeBot is a legal tech company based in Uganda that was founded in 2018. It is focused in providing legal information on matters such us tax, property or land issues through a chat-bot named Linda that uses Facebook Messenger. It offers general information on procedures for free, as it focused on A2J. If needed, the service has the potential to connect to lawyers and firms with the users in case to follow up on the cases.


    JusticeBot was selected to participate in the HiiL’s Justice Accelerator. More information on HiiL can be found in their website here.

    "Justice is one of the best things a country can offer its citizens, one of the best things a country can offer any person in the world. And if you are doing something justice-centered, it's as if you are helping the whole world. Because justice denied to one person is justice denied to all people."

    -Magezi Sagessi