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  • Dont Get Mad Get Paid

    Don't Get Mad Get Paid

    The U.S. government reports $118 billion in unpaid child support: 14 million cases and more than 7 million women owed. The reality is that actual numbers are much higher when cases that do not touch the government books are added. Collecting child support can be hard. Child support evaders move, work as 1099 contractors, in cash-based businesses, and more. Millions of women give up, leaving cash on the table. Our solution skip traces - finds payors, income, assets. Then using the state-specific, customized legal documents we generate, payees place liens on assets, seizing money and property as recovery.



    JusticeText seeks to strengthen the ability of public defenders to serve low-income criminal defendants through technological innovation. Our criminal justice system is being inundated with thousands of hours of video footage from body-worn cameras, witness interrogations, and more. While video evidence is involved in over 80 percent of criminal cases, this crucial data can easily go overlooked without the tools necessary to analyze it. Our web-based evidence management software employs a speech-to-text machine learning algorithm to automatically generate an interactive and searchable transcript of video and audio evidence. We provide value for public defense attorneys through time saved, which then translates into fairer outcomes.

    People Clerk

    People Clerk

    People Clerk guides litigants throughout the small claims process giving them the tools to prepare, settle, and litigate their dispute.


    Our research indicates that approximately 80% of people with small disputes never pursue any legal action due to the complicated nature of the process. For most, seeking legal services is too expensive or time-consuming to be worth the investment. We provide affordable legal services by pursuing a pay-if-you win model.


    Throughout the litigants’ dispute, we help resolve their dispute by sending demand letters, preparing litigants for settlement negotiations, streamlining small claims filings, and providing guidance with collections.


    YoTengo Bot

    YoTengo automates the interaction between law firms and potential clients. Starting with immigration law, our vision is to stimulate lawyers to provide more reasonable services to underserved markets. Our white label, conversational bots attract more prospects and elevate conversion rates at low cost while increasing customer satisfaction. Our bots are connected to a network that exploits machine learning to produce network and viral effects for law firms. We believe that AI and ML can be a force for good in the world and hope to openly contribute our solutions to an ecosystem that solves the A2J problem cooperatively.

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