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    Matt Haber & Jorge Damian de la Paz

    CivicPro helps professionals and members of the public track public meetings and legislation across cities. Local governments face important problems — from affordable housing to sea level rise — but still communicate through lengthy notices, which amount to thousands of pages published regularly. CivicPro transforms voluminous legislative documents into useful knowledge about local policy-making — removing the need to sift through complex material. It offers free and premium services to monitor public meetings and legislation across cities and counties. With hundreds of local governments in each state, and almost 90,000 nationwide, CivicPro provides an easy-to-use roadmap of the issues that matter most.



    Spencer Simonsen & Simon Boehme

    Disputly builds consumer legal technology to resolve disputes efficiently and affordably. Disputly can generate small claims lawsuits and demand letters, and provides AI powered negotiation tools to help handle tough conversations. Disputly is based in San Francisco, California.

    Hello Divorce

    Hello Divorce

    Erin Levine & Jennifer Heller

    Hello Divorce is an online divorce platform that offers users an alternative to the traditional retained attorney divorce model. Founder Erin Levine and CCO Jennifer Heller have harnessed technology, legal expertise, and impact design thinking to create an on-demand do-it-yourself platform that is available for a monthly subscription. Fixed-fee managed divorce services and à la carte legal help are also offered for a flat fee or monthly payment. With millions of Americans dissolving the most complex financial contract of their lives, Hello Divorce aims to ease the divorce experience and provide an efficient, empowering and affordable option for transitioning out of marriage.

    HUGO Analytics, LLC

    HUGO Analytics, LLC

    Bernard Chao, Christopher Robertson, & David Yokum

    HUGO Analytics, LLC leverages empirical methods and advanced data analytics to improve litigation outcomes. Merging legal acumen, crowdsourcing and statistical analysis, HUGO enables litigators to evaluate their cases and test any variety of case strategies across thousands of virtual jurors, with speed and efficiency.

    Settledge, Inc.

    David Chambers

    Settledge, Inc. is a dispute resolution and reputation management platform for smart contract-based transactions and distributed economies that is designed to minimize dispute related risks and costs, while maximizing efficiency and customer retention during and after the dispute resolution process. Settledge offers clients flexible service options including integration of settledge dispute resolution service contracts into all of a client’s smart contracts, on an ad hoc basis for specific transactions, or post hoc access to double blind settlement negotiation services after a dispute has occurred.

    Smart Lien

    Brandt McMillan, Elizabeth McMillan, & T. Chad White

    Smart Lien allows construction professionals to file construction liens in minutes through our mobile-optimized website. The time and expense of hiring attorneys to file liens is cost-prohibitive for small businesses and low lien amounts. We started Smart Lien because we saw a need for a quick, cost-effective way for small construction businesses to assert their lien rights. We also provide our service in Spanish to support a broader base of users. Based in Nashville, Smart Lien currently supports Tennessee liens only, but we will expand to other states as we grow.


    Kelly Garvy

    Upstate is a state policy tracking tool for the public, nonprofits, and lobbyists. Our goal is to provide an accessible and affordable notification system and also provide premium features for professionals who work closely with state policy makers. We offer a real-time notification system that allows users to follow keywords, bills and committees. Users can follow any of 1200+ keywords and receive an alert as soon as this keyword is added to a bill. Users can also get alerts on status changes to bills.


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